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Kindle Publishing Strategies- the short story test

photo © 2009 goXunuReviews | more info (via: Wylio) Here’s a post that aired on my own blog, H.E. Roulo, and got such a nice reception we wanted to share it here on Why Independant Publishing? Authors work hard, with little acknowledgement, begging publishers to pluck them from the mob and tell them their […]

PRP-V & BTR-PR Big News This Week!

Visionaries Almost Complete Podioracket Presents-Visionaries is releasing its final episode this week. Last week it was our own H.E. Roulo’s short sci-fi/horror piece, Undergrowth. Torsten is a xenobotanist whose specialization in dangerous plants has already meant hideous death for someone he loved. The exotic lumentera vine is an invaluable commodity. But when the lumentera blooms, […]

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