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How to Find Places to Publish Short Stories

This blog first appeared at our own H.E. Roulo’s personal blog and is being reprinted here at reader request. Writers looking to be published often ask how they can find markets for their short stories. The very best site I’ve found for learning about anthologies and other publishing opportunities is There, they let you search, […]

PRP-Glimpses #11 with Brian Rathbone

Enjoy another Podioracket Presents-Glimpses short story, this time from co-host Brian Rathbone. Brian Rathbone’s “Wayward Spirits” is a prequel to The Dawning of Power trilogy. About the story: For Wendel Volker and Benjin Hawk, a day of skipping classes turns into a journey that will shape the future of Godsland. Podioracket Presents-Glimpses is now available […]

Podioracket Presents-Visionaries

We’re bringing together short stories by authors for an anthology that will appear on For this project, we’ve brought in a new team member. Please welcome Brian Holtz, the author of several novels. Under’s familiar brand, Brian and Heather Roulo will coordinate and promote author’s short stories in one place. The series […]

H.E. Roulo LIVE reading & Rhonda Contest Info

Even though the ladies of Podioracket are on hiatus, that doesn’t mean they ever stop. Rhonda’s biggest contest of the year is drawing to a close and your odds of winning are just too good! H.E. Roulo is teaming up with P.G. Holyfield for a live reading. Check out all the details! H.E. Roulo’s LIVE […]

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