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Kindle Publishing Strategies- the short story test

photo © 2009 goXunuReviews | more info (via: Wylio) Here’s a post that aired on my own blog, H.E. Roulo, and got such a nice reception we wanted to share it here on Why Independant Publishing? Authors work hard, with little acknowledgement, begging publishers to pluck them from the mob and tell them their […]

The Smashwords Approach to E-books welcomes guest blogger Drew Beatty! Podioracket welcomes Drew Beatty, the author of Lost Gods, as he shares his observations about e-books and Smashwords. Welcome Drew! Follow Drew on twitter @drewbeatty and see his website. The Smashwords Approach to E-books While I am not sounding the death knell for books, I think it is important to realize […]

Neil Gaiman Believes in the Spoken Word

Neil Gaiman supports the audio book. Here’s an excerpt from Neil Gaiman on February 27, 2009 “An audio book, read by someone who’s good at it, is an audio book, an experience that’s different to, sometimes complementary to, the words on the page. A computer reading to you is a computer reading to you. And at […]

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