Podioracket Presents-Glimpses (Vol. II)

The Podioracket Presents-Glimpses anthology, assembled by H.E. Roulo, Rhonda R Carpenter, Brian Rathbone, and Brian Holtz contains stories based around Podiobooks.com full length novels.

Podioracket Presents-Glimpses, the anthology from established Podiobooks.com authors that takes place in the worlds of their full-length novels, is now complete on Podiobooks.com. If you’ve already listened to these 12 stories from diverse genre, please leave a rating for others on Podiobooks.com or iTunes.

We’re proud of the stories you’ll find in PRP-Glimpses:

  • Conclave – Mick Bordet
  • Foretelling – Arlene Radasky
  • The Interview – M. Darusha Wehm
  • Appeasement – Gloria Oliver
  • Good Luck – Casey S Townsend
  • Fleeting Time – Keith Hughes
  • Blind Curve – Dave Donelson
  • Holy Rites – Emerian Rich
  • The Siege – Katharina Maimer
  • Wayward Spirits- A Prelude to The Dawning of Power – Brian Rathbone
  • Future In Hand: A Rivenspace Story – H.E Roulo

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Podioracket Presents-Visionaries (Vol. I)

The Podioracket Presents-Visionaries anthology, assembled by H.E. Roulo and Brian Holtz, contains 16 short stories from some of the best Podiobooks.com authors. Some stories are strange, others are scary or humorous. Search through the mix of audio short stories to find something you like in Podioracket Presents- Visionaries. Subscribe off Podiobooks.com, iTunes, or use the player to listen right now!

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About the Authors

The first story in the anthology, one of several prequel tales for J.C. Hutchins‘ thriller novel 7th Son: Descent, stars Kilroy2.0, a deranged Washington DC-based computer hacker. Incensed by recent federal scrutiny, Kilroy2.0 declares to his followers that today is a day of … ruination.

Listen to Brian Holtz’s award-winning, never before aired in audio, short story Jeremy’s Potential. This slipstream short story brings us Jeremy, who learns that his life is much bigger than he’d ever imagined. He finds himself spiraling from one reality to the next, searching for his daughter. To stop the nightmare he’ll need determination, quick reflexes and…a teddy bear. If you enjoy it, try one of Brian’s other Podiobooks.com novels.

Writer Patrick McLean won a “Best Fiction (Non-speculative)” Parsec Award  for this humorous piece, Death of a Dishwasher! Find more of Patrick’s work on Podiobooks.com, including How to Succeed in Evil.

Paul E. Cooley, the author of Tattoo, brings his horror short, Canvas, in which an artist discusses his philosophy of painting with a captive audience.

Seth Harwood’s thriller Junius, is the precursor to his novel Young Junius, which was just picked up for publication. Junius Ponds came up on tough streets outside Boston way back in the day. In the middle of drugs, gang violence, and the toughest set of tower-projects you ever knew, he seeks to avenge his brother. Learn more in the novel based on this short story, Young Junius.

In the sci-fi story Toynbee’s Gate, the first of the Jovian Gate Chronicles, Ron Vitale asks ‘What happens when humans cross paths with intelligent aliens that claim to be prophets from God?’ Get more sci-fi from Ron Vitale in The Jovian Gate Chronicles.

E.G. Talbot’s short story, “In the Details” is an irreverent and humorous look at how heaven isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.  

Time for horror! ‘Drowning in Dark’ is a selection from John Mierau’s podcast anthology of genre-blending short fiction, Serving Worlds.

The adventures of the title character of Mike Luoma’s novel Alibi Jones continue in this short story sequel “Alibi Jones: Vacation”. Alibi and Katie head to the planet Paradise for a vacation getaway. Unfortunately, Paradise doesn’t exactly live up to its name. The coup attempting to overthrow the planetary government isn’t helping, either.

Philippa Ballantine’s short story is “Measureless to Man”. Someone is dead on the orbiting space station Kubali, and someone soon will be. Time is running out for Io, she must find out why her friends have been killed and save herself from the same fate. But something is waiting in the shadows for her, something that even she the last of the Skin Natives has never seen before.

In Basil Sands‘ short story, Geeks Rule, nerdy computer programmer Lewis Puller is accosted by a gang of Skinhead thugs, who get more than they bargained for.

Teel McClanahan’s story, Last Christmas, follows Santa Claus as he prepares for and makes deliveries on a dark, post-apocalyptic Christmas Eve. At first Santa doesn’t know precisely what has been going on all year, but slowly the pieces begin to come together to form a picture of what remains of the world. Listen to the end to find out whether a little Christmas magic will be enough to bring holiday cheer to a world on its last legs.

In story #13 Brian Rathbone, the author of The Dawning of Power trilogy, gave us Beyond the Veil. Vincent Pels seeks to protect his daughter in life and death.

Then it’s a supersized story from J. Daniel Sawyer, author of Predestination. In the dark-noir story, We Create Worlds, Rick’s VR shop does a healty business in fantasy, vital stress relief for the community. He likes his life, his job, his customers, and his relationship with a certain group of Sicilian gentlemen – life is good. Sometimes, though, fantasies have a way of impinging on reality in a most inconvenient fashion…

H.E. Roulo‘s short sci-fi/horror piece, Undergrowth. Torsten is a xenobotanist whose specialization in dangerous plants has already meant hideous death for someone he loved. The exotic lumentera vine is an invaluable commodity. But when the lumentera blooms, the bait is set in a mind game whose outcome is as uncertain as Torsten’s sanity. She is also the author of the sci-fi novel Fractured Horizon.

Phil Rossi brings us the horror piece, Frederic’s Little Secret. Are you sure you want to know what it is?

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