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PRP-V & BTR-PR Big News This Week!

Visionaries Almost Complete Podioracket Presents-Visionaries is releasing its final episode this week. Last week it was our own H.E. Roulo’s short sci-fi/horror piece, Undergrowth. Torsten is a xenobotanist whose specialization in dangerous plants has already meant hideous death for someone he loved. The exotic lumentera vine is an invaluable commodity. But when the lumentera blooms, […]

Gabrielle Harbowy Opens Submissions to Podioracket Listeners!

Have you listened to the excellent Blog Talk Radio- Podioracket interview yet? Dragon Moon Press associate publisher Gabrielle Harbowy answered our questions and announced a special offer for listeners. She has opened manuscript submissions for the next two weeks to our listeners. Make sure you check out the show, get your manuscript prettied up, […]

THIS WEEK-Teel McClanahan III on PRP-V & The Secret World Chronicle Team on BTR-PR

PRP-Visionaries Teel McClanahan’s story, Last Christmas, follows Santa Claus as he prepares for and makes deliveries on a dark, post-apocalyptic Christmas Eve. At first Santa doesn’t know precisely what has been going on all year, but slowly the pieces begin to come together to form a picture of what remains of the world. Listen to […]

Announcing a Huge Blog Talk Radio Show for First 8 Visionaries!

Podioracket Presents-Visionaries First 8 The first half of Podioracket Presents-Visionaries has aired. Eight stories from eight experienced authors, J.C. Hutchins, Brian Holts, Patrick McLean, Paul Cooley, Seth Harwood, Ron Vitale, E.G. Talbot, and John Mierau. To celebrate, we’re inviting them all to a huge Podioracket Blog Talk Radio LIVE interview on Thursday, March 25th at […]

BTR-PR and White Wolf Press LIVE Giveaways

Podioracket Blog Talk Radio Gets Even Better? We love to change things up, and on our LIVE Blog Talk Radio Podioracket extension we’ll be giving away more books than ever! As we interview Brian Rathbone, you’ll have a chance to win digital books from White Wolf Press Authors! Brain Rathbone, author of The Dawning of Power Trilogy and the force behind […]

BTR is Back! Rhonda interviews Jeffrey Kafer

Winter hiatus is over and we are opening the new season of LIVE Blog Talk Radio interview with Jeffrey Kafer, the voice behind several books and several mainstream audiobooks. Thursday, February 11th at 6pm Pacific time on Blog Talk Radio join Rhonda R Carpenter and Jeffrey Kafer LIVE. Jeffrey is probably best known for being the […]

We’re a Shooting Star on BTR!

We were very excited when an episode of’s BlogTalkRadio extension reached #10 in books. Our fabulous interview with J.C. Hutchins was a highlight that we worked diligently to beat. Our recent Triple Threat interview on PR-BTR did the job, reaching an astounding #1 in the books category with more than 1,400 downloads in one […]

The Authors Thank You for Donating!

It is the end of the third quarter and messages are arriving in our friendly author’s email inboxes letting them know that they received donations from listeners. We wanted to speak for all the authors out there and say ‘thank you’ for all the donations and notes of encouragement. More than simply money, […]

J.C. Hutchins 7th Son:Descent Hits Mainstream Publishing

 Join J.C. Hutchins and H.E. Roulo for a quick chat about 7th Son: Descent. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] or download it. Longing for more? Consider joining J.C. and Rhonda for the extended LIVE call in show, complete with prizes! The last interview was a flying frenzy of questions and jokes that brought […]

Sigler, Hutchins, & More BTR-PR

Join us in welcoming Scott Sigler, New York Times bestselling horror author of Contagious. He has just released The Rookie and kicked-off the launch with a 20 city tailgate tour. There is no stopping this manic, market-wise author. He is taking on publishing with the creation of Dark Overlord Media. This will be a wicked […]

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