13,760 Feet: My Personal Hole in the Sky
By Mark L. Berry

Twitter:  @AV8R_Author

We have interviewed Mark L. Berry before. We have even promoted his releases of Pushing Leaves Towards the Sun – a survivor’s guilt story & Street JusticeAnd now we are pleased to Raise a Racket about Mark’s full cast audio release of 13,760 Feet – My Personal Hole om the Sky!

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The 747 that went up whole and came down in 876 pieces invaded every part of my life. My only consolation is that, without being able to turn around, she never saw the giant hole where the rest of the aircraft should have been. It was an oblong oval opening to the tumbling sky, bordered by torn cables, shredded aluminum aircraft skin, sheared beams, and spars, and accented with sparking severed wires. And I hope she couldn’t comprehend what was actually happening if she lived long enough to ride this nearly three-mile-high, free-falling hell-ivator all the way down to the ocean’s surface, and then sink to 140 feet below, where her body would wait to be recovered.

This is a TWA Flight 800 memoir told by Mark L. Berry, a former TWA pilot whose fiancé Susanne was one of the 230 passengers and crew who died when that flight exploded at 13,760 feet off Long Island’s southern shore. 41 original companion songs are infused into this story.


You can get this full cast audio drama on Audible today by clicking this link:  13,760 Feet – My Personal Hole in the Sky. 

Amazon Print link: 13,760 Feet – My Personal Hole in the Sky

Amazon Kindle link:  13,760 Feet-My Personal Hole in the Sky

Amazon Audio drama link: 13,760 Feet: My Personal Hole in the Sky


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