herouloheadshotOur very own H.E. Roulo announces the release of the story that started her Plague Master book series.

Listen to the full cast audio drama “The Killer with Eyes of Ice.”

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Want audio? Love the old radio plays?

The fabulous Necropolis Studio Productions, Parsec Finalists for Age of the Zombies in 2009, has released three episodes of The Omega Road Chronicles. H.E. Roulo wrote Episode 3 “The Killer with Eyes of Ice.” It’s described as a mix of War of the Worlds, a dash of Twilight Zone, and a healthy dose of zombies.

“The Killer with Eyes of Ice” inspired a portion of H.E. Roulo’s new novel Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome, the first book of the Plague Master series. Now available on Amazon.com.

Producer Dave Frizzell layered talented voice actors with music and sound effects. Listen to a story that finally found its voice at the The Omega Road Chronicles.

“The Killer with Eyes of Ice”

Episode 3 in the Omega Road Chronicles
Released April 11, 2015. (40 minutes long)
An interstellar plague… An inhospitable planet made into a leper colony… A rush to find a cure… Is it for the greater good?

Featuring the voice talents of:

Rhayne Archer as SamanthaMonte
Bratten as Howard
Tanja Milojevic as Elena
Chris Alder as Cob
Edison Pongklub as Delta
Alex White as Julius
Tim Rowe as Mengus
Miranda Gauvin as the Benz Mechanical Voice
Marilou Carpin as Voice 1
Mark Kalita as Voice 2
Dave Frizzell as Voice 3
Tanja Milojevic as Voice 4
Edison Pongklub as the Narrator

Written by: H.E. Roulo

Music by:
Kevin MacLeod
Human Response

Directed and Produced by: Dave Frizzell



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“A perfect mix of classic sci-fi and zombie horror. Once you start, you are hooked!”


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