Time is almost up!

If you haven’t heard time is running out to get registered for the annual Horroaddicts Master of the Macabre and Wicked Women Writers Challenges for 2015. Monday April 13th is the cut off. So wast no time clicking on the links below to get in on the fun.





Master of Macabre Contest 2015 – LAST CHANCE!

mmmWill it be you? Here is the link to the details at horroraddicts.net. There will be only one fan voted winner and it wont be you if your not in the competition.





Wicked Women Writer’s Challenge 2015 – LAST CHANCE!

wwwgetthe ehlloutofourwayWho is to going to be this year? Listen ladies here is your chance to be recognized but a huge audience of avid horror fans. Why miss this chance at being the Most Wicked 2015? Register and write! Get the details at Horroraddicts.net but clicking on this link.