doris1Brian Holtz, author, is putting his middle-grade fantasy novel Doris and the Ankh on the Kindle book store. It is available to pre-order now, with the official release on February 13th. From here on out he is branding himself with the pseudonym “B. K. Brain” for his YA and children’s fiction…because it just seemed like a fun thing to do. 
For Doris, a swimmy in the head thirteen-year-old, it seems life can get no worse. She’s tragically unpopular at school and failing American History. She’s grounded and will not be attending the spring dance. And now a creepy bug-eyed man is going to grant her a wish, whether she likes it or not. 

Get lost with Doris in a world where flowers sneeze, fairies can’t be trusted, and a creature that isn’t quite a wolf means to kill her. 

Sometimes a big imagination is all you need. 
That, and a dead mouse. 
His Amazon author page is:
Facebook: B. K. BRAIN