Here are some brain treats to complement our holiday gorging:
          The Measure of Free Will and Red Herrings – does neuroscience demand determinism? Physics doesn’t care.
          What Makes King Carl XVI Gustaf Think It’s the Higgs Boson? – my article on the 2013 Physics Nobel Prize: something was discovered at CERN last year, but was it the Higgs Boson?
          Global Warming/Climate Change: An Easy Calculation – a 10th grade science description of carbon dioxide’s greenhouse effect and where it comes from.
You can find more prospects for holiday escape (or gifts) here in print, audio (which is really awesome), and ebook. Despite the naughty language, The Sensory Deception seems to be quite popular among people from 15 to 90 who enjoy adventure (pirates!), neuroscience technology (virtual reality in Silicon Valley!), and thinking about what it would be like to be a bear or a whale. The God Patent is a bit more adult-themed (‘cuz of that NC17 scene that starts on page 147) and has amazing popularity among women of not-so-certain ages who like to cry, as well as fans of science and/or religion—though not so much among religious or atheist zealots (the former I expected, the latter I find quite weird).
My publisher, 47North, assures me that they’ve solved the distribution troubles they had with the print version of The Sensory Deception—they didn’t print enough in the first run so there were some “inventory issues” on the west coast and Canada . If you need any help, let me know, I have some copies sitting around.
Previews: In my capacity as a science writer, my first nonfiction book, The Left Brain Speaks but the Right Brain Laughs, is a funny take on neuroscience for general audiences built around mostly-false dichotomies with chapters on skill & talent, intelligence & intuition, and science & art which should be released by Viva Editions about this time next year. My next novel, The Time Prisoner, is a swashbuckling, international adventure that does to politics what I did to science-religion in The God Patent, hopefully it will be out late next spring.