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No sickness is holding me back any more, so here we are once again with a new edition of the column that brings you news and new books from the world of independent writers. This time:

Nike's WingsNike’s Wings.

by Alexandria Publishing Group author Valerie Douglas

Ebook Short Description: With all she’d been through, her skills at parkour and freerunning, for the top secret group within the CIA she was the perfect candidate. She would be trained to be the assassin’s assassin. Until she began to question. Questions were dangerous.
All Nike wanted was to be ‘real’ again, whatever real was…
Ty Connor, ex-CIA, has just been named to head a new branch of Homeland Security. A fast-response group called the NIO.
For the first time Nike has a chance at redemption, and more… If she dares to take it.


Where to find: this e-book is available from and Amazon UK.



And other news from the world of books this week:

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  3. A little bit about doing research.

Paul Kater
is an indie writer.

He is the author of the successful
“Hilda the Wicked Witch” series.
His latest release is “Green Haven”,
a science fiction book in which a
group of RPG players try to take on
a deranged superhero.