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Welcome to the Writer’s Desk from where more news comes that popped up in the world of Independent Writers. But first: today’s featured book. That’s called Sherdan’s Prophecy.

sherdans prophecy
by Jess Mountifield

Ebook Short Description: Sherdan has spent many years planning for the future. Now he’s in control and he is expected to forge a fresh new start for the people in his program, people he has shaped and can’t abandon, but will his country let him get away with his plans?

Anya is on a mission from God to find out why she has been sent to the heart of Bristol and what she can do to stop the world being plunged into war, but which side is the right side to be on? How will she feel if she picks the wrong one? And will her faith in God be enough to see her through?

Reading Level: Adults. Parents should read before letting anyone under the age of 16 read.

Where to find.
You can find the e-book on and

And other news from the world of books this week:


Paul Kater is an indie writer.
He is the author of the successful
“Hilda the Wicked Witch” series.