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Welcome to a new edition of this column, the fourteenth already and the first in this new year. May it be a prosperous one for you all. Today we feature a fantasy book by a gifted young writer:

The Sword of Solonus

sword of solonus
by Adam Matthews


Ebook Short Description: Human life is a struggle in the medieval kingdom of Orenelle, and the high elves promise King Ceron and his people an escape from this struggle. Only by embracing the Light of the Elwan, (the forest spirit and life force of the elves) will the population achieve everlasting life- whilst leaving behind famine, disease, and death. When the day of salvation arrives, mankind will undergo a metamorphosis and will join the high elves to live in the sacred woodland paradise of Sera Norem, but at what cost?


Where to find: You can find the e-book on


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