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Welcome to another look into the kitchen of the indie writers, where they cook up all kinds of material for you to enjoy. Let me show you another fine example of this, with this week’s feature:

Heart of the Gods (Servant of the Gods)

heart of the gods
by Alexandria Publishing Group author Valerie Douglas

Ebook Short Description: Tales of the fabled Tomb of the Djinn and its Guardian have fascinated archaeologist Ky Farrar since a visit to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo when he was a boy. The story of the star-crossed lovers and their battle to save ancient Egypt from the Djinn made him choose his career. He believes he’s finally found it – only to discover the Tomb’s Guardian is all too real. And she’s as lovely as she is lethal.
Ky, however, isn’t the only one searching. It’s a race to reach the Tomb before the others accidentally unleash what lies within it in their effort to claim the ancient artifacts which lie within – the legendary Horn of the Djinn and the Heart of the Gods.




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Paul Kater is an indie writer.
He is the author of the successful
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