Greetings and welcome to We have some exciting and informative changes happening that we wanted to share with you. We have new interviewers and a new blogger coming on board to help with show production. As the interviews and new blog start rolling out we will be introducing you to each of the new staff members.

First up on the list is out new Indy Author Blogger, Paul Kater. Paul has graciously, and with grand enthusiasm, agreed to share his vast connections with Indy Authors all over the world. He will be our Monday headliner of, “From the Writers Desk.” Each week Paul will bring us new authors, writing tips and insights.

Bio: Paul Kater was born in the Netherlands. He’s been writing since 2003. Paul currently lives in Cuijk, the Netherlands, with his books and the many characters he’s developed in the past years, who claim He is a figment of their imagination.

Paul is the author of the following books and short stories. You can get them all on Smashwords and Amazon. Hilda the Wicked Witch, Hilda – Snow White Revisited, Hilda – The Challenge, Aeroparts Factory, Lily Marin – three short steampunk stories Book 1, Hilda and Zelda, Hilda – Cats, Hilda – Lycadea, Bactine, Hilda – Back to school, The Devil’s Diary, Hilda – Aiaia, & Lily Marin – three short steampunk stories. Book 2.


Twitter: @pagan_paul



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Help us in welcoming Paul Kater to’s staff!