Now there is a 6 week class you can take that will teach you the ins and outs of becoming an author.

ePublish Unum created by Evo Terra and his partner Jeff Moriarty have just opened the first class to the public. It is an online class with only 6 people in each session.

The class will take you through the steps of taking that content you already have and publish it in an ebook format. Full details are <a title=”Get the full details here!” href=”” target=”_blank”>here</a> lets just say that if you have ever thought of becoming a published author this course will guild you through the steps.

Only six students are allowed in the class to keep the individual attention we give students high. It’s a mix of live, in person video lectures via the magic of Google+ Hangouts, and specific assignments given and due each week. It’s highly structured with clear milestones, and students should all hit PUBLISH at the end of the sixth class.

In this course you will get:

Six live, weekly instructional sessions

Up to one hour of live instruction via Google+ Hangouts. The group meets at the same time each week, and we will discuss practical applications, give real-world examples, and then work with each of you in turn to get you through the work necessary.

Professionally crafted curriculum materials

We’re working with an experienced instructional designer to make sure the course work we give you is based on sound educational practices. This isn’t just the two of us goofballs throwing out our opinions. Though there’s plenty of that!

Weekly homework assignments

Wait… this is a good thing? Yes, it is. It will be much better than the homework from high school because this is work on YOUR book. Everyone works at a different pace, but our specific assignments are designed to take between three and five hours a week, keeping you moving forward towards having your beautiful, final, published book.

Small course size for interactive discussions

We want to give each of our students the time and attention to ensure success. That’s why we’re limiting the size of the class to six people. SIX. That’s it. Six of you will get personalized instruction each week to keep you on track through whatever is needed to hit that PUBLISH button in six weeks.

Connection with other Authors

We’re building a class for authors, and are looking for participation and interaction. We want people who will participate, share their own ideas and challenges. More than your instruction and your ebook, we want you to build connections that will help as you publish and promote more books down the road.

Know someone who could benefit from this class? They will really appreciate it if you’d direct them to CB2Uh to see if they’d like to be a part of this powerful course.