The World of Unicellular by Oleg Seriy and MaRiCaBo Mystery

Now here is something different from a author.

Oleg and Rhonda spoke a few months back when his book was just being produced. It is now complete and he has a video. Since Oleg is from the Ukraine, our Skype connection wasn’t of high enough quality to do an audio podcast interview in the usual style. But we wanted to offer a blog post showcasing his fresh release of the YouTube video produced for the audio book.

Oleg holds strong beliefs about the idea of apocalyptic storytelling, In his work you will find information that ranges from doomsday and alien attack to political upheavals in our world today. In his stage play turned audio book, The World of Unicellular, the apocalypse has already happened and we in the 21st century are living in the aftermath of Christ’s return to earth while dealing with the effects of the Antichrist.

Oleg suggests that you ponder these questions. Who is this Antichrist? What are signs of a doomsday? What measures will be undertaken by aliens against the fallen mankind? In this book you will find answers to these and many other questions.

Slotted as a mystery, this play-turned-book is more of a rage against the ravages that our world faces today.

Oleg Seriy produced and scored the music for this YouTube video.
Listen to the book. Oleg’s website can be found here.