Michael McGee’s new series is now available at online book sellers everywhere. Get volume one for free for a limited time. Click here to get it on Amazon.com. String of Pearls was just nominated for a Hugo Award for Best Novel of the year.

What if HEAVEN turned out to be just as dangerous as HELL?

Intrepid adventurer, Dayson Snow, has spent his life battling the greed of multinational corporations. When he arrives in Washington, DC with his long-time love, the spirited Yumi Mihara, he finds himself in a race to prevent a humanitarian crisis in Africa.

But Dayson’s plans go awry when he accidentally crosses paths in DC with hired killer Jean LaFourche, the recent recipient of a strange and macabre miracle… and in his attempt to stop LaFourche’s latest assassination, Dayson pays with his life.

But his real troubles have only begun… Find out how much trouble as the series continues in Volume Two and Voulme Three for only $2.99 each.

Also, two weeks from now Michael McGee is releasing two collections of travel stories to add to the dozen book titles he already has on Amazon. These are stories like surviving the SARS pandemic in Beijing, fighting off monkey thieves in Thailand, dancing with Geishas in Japan, etc. Check out all of his books today on Amazon.com.

STRING OF PEARLS (Volume 1, 2, and 3)
All 3 volumes of STRING OF PEARLS are now available as ebooks at Amazon.com and Smashwords.com (in pretty much every ebook format out there), along with other novels and stories of his. A much more comprehensive synopsis of the series can be found at the page for Volume 1 of STRING OF PEARLS on Amazon.
About the Author: Michael McGee is an award-winning San Francisco area writer who’s been lucky enough to travel the world and work with elephants in the jungles of Thailand, live with the Bedouin in the deserts of Arabia, and dance with Geishas in Japan. His work has appeared in various books, magazines, and newspapers. He’s also the host and author of two audio podcasts, “The Theater of the Midnight Sun,” featuring full-cast radio-play productions of his sci-fi/fantasy stories (some of which have aired on radio stations in Canada and the US), and “The Great Big Bungalow,” a travel story podcast showcasing cultural tales like those mentioned above.