PofF CoverAuthor Philip E. Carroll joins us for a guest blog post answering the simple question:


Why Ya?

by Philip E. Carroll

I’m fifty-one years old. I have three children aged 7 to 25. I have two grandchildren. By day I’m a mild mannered certified orthotist.

“A what?” You ask.

An orthotist. I got my training in the army. They taught me how to shoot a rifle, sew and use a band saw. I make braces. I’ll brace anything but teeth.

Before the day job, during lunch and in the evenings I try to be a writer, and my preferred genre is teen/young adult urban fantasy.

When Rhonda asked me why I write YA fiction, I had to admit I didn’t have a clue. I’d never really thought about it. So I thought about it.

I got my start writing through the Great Hites podcast. It was a almost weekly prompt based writing contest. Each week I would take the prompt, sit down with it, and just start writing. It was very organic and unplanned. Consistently, my characters turned out to be in their teens or early twenties.

Stephen King says in his book on writing, “On Writing”, that we write because we enjoy it. Very few will succeed at making a living through writing fiction. So the rest of us must find a reason to keep doing it.

I’ve always enjoyed telling stories. My twin brother and I would put on puppet show and try to get neighborhood kids to pay to see them.

We had bunk beds, and at night we would lie in our beds and make up stories. We each had out cadre of characters complete with voices and attitudes. We would spend hours telling freeform stories, usually an offshoot of a movie, tv show or book. Even when we went through an uncomfortable phase of hating each other in 7th through 9th grades, we still told our stories.

Perhaps my story telling stayed at that point, with Roger and our gang of teenage characters living the lives and experiencing the adventures we couldn’t.

One of those hip pocket rules about writing is, “write what you know.”

I remember those teenage years better than any point in my life. I remember the frustration of being skinny, unpopular and shy. I remember the bullies who chased me from English to Science every day in seventh grade. I remember the awkward fascination with girls, the painful desire to experience, but the nauseating fear of communication.

The teenage years are filled with adventure, growth, experience, potential and excitement.

I’ve lived a lot. I’ve been to Africa, Mexico and Hawaii. I’ve seen the wealthy and the destitute. I’ve been in the Army and on the tops of mountains. Married for thirty years, I’ve raised a daughter to adulthood and have two children with special needs who joined our family through adoption.

Life has been an adventure. But nothing I’ve seen or done has ever compared to the stories Roger and I told as we lay in our respective beds.

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About the author:

I began writing in October of 2008 with my entry in The 100 Word Weekly challenge #129. Since, I have written 172 consecutive drabbles for the weekly challenge, six novels, including four Nanowrimos, and countless short stories, some for benefit anthologies. THE PRICE OF FRIENDSHIP is my first published novel.