Season 6 is kicking off with an extended interview with author John Dodds from Rhonda Carpenter. Enjoy the first show of our new season. We’ve loved putting out 63 podcast episodes, 2 anthologies, and countless blogposts to entertain and inform you about these great authors. And we’ve already lined up at least 18 more authors for the upcoming season!

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John Dodds novel Bone Machines

Bio: John Dodds was born on the Isle of Lewis, Scotland. He has been a journalist, a publicist for arts and social housing organisations, a graphic designer and a person-centred counsellor.  Now a freelance writer and editor, he lives in Bulgaria with his wife, two dogs and
two cats.


They suffer for his art.

When a number of women are reported missing in Glasgow, the spectre of a previous spate of unsolved disappearances in the city rears its head.

Journalist Ray Bissett is drawn into the case when his daughter joins the ranks of the missing. And ambitious police detective Tom Kendrick won’t let Ray forget a terrible incident from his past which resulted in the death of a young boy.

Damaged lives and dark secrets…

The streets of Glasgow haunted by the ghosts of the missing…

And an artist driven by a deadly inspiration.

For more information on John Dodd’s work visit his blog at




PRP-Glimpses is Complete

Podioracket Presents-Glimpses, the anthology from established authors that takes place in the worlds of their full-length novels, is now complete on If you’ve already listened to these 12 stories from diverse genre, please leave a rating for others on or iTunes.

We’re proud of the stories you’ll find in PRP-Glimpses:

  • Conclave – Mick Bordet
  • Foretelling – Arlene Radasky
  • The Interview – M. Darusha Wehm
  • Appeasement – Gloria Oliver
  • Good Luck – Casey S Townsend
  • Fleeting Time – Keith Hughes
  • Blind Curve – Dave Donelson
  • Holy Rites – Emerian Rich
  • The Siege – Katharina Maimer
  • Wayward Spirits- A Prelude to The Dawning of Power – Brian Rathbone
  • Future In Hand: A Rivenspace Story – H.E Roulo

Watch for the eBook release as we make the book available on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble.

. . . And What You Missed

During our break, continued to release blog posts, including our 7-part audio series on good book creation, promotion, and the self-publishing industry. Make sure you begin with Part-1 and continue through this quick and informative series we like to call Brian Rathbone’s Fireside Chats.