Podioracket Presents brings you Volume 2 of our anthology series.

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This week’s story:

Arlene Radasky’s short story “Foretelling” (historical fantasy)

The Fox Spin-Off


About the short story:

A treacherous walk up a mountain trail for a pregnant woman, Wynda, leads her to a druid who tells her the goddess Morrigna foretold the birth of her daughter. A danger-filled trading journey ends with Prys, the father of the new babe, coming home with tales of killing and rapes by the Roman soldiers. Beathan, the clan chieftain, utters a promise to protect the girl born that day and the druid Ogilhinn foretells the babe Jahna’s future and the importance of her birth to the clan. Foretelling is the story of the start of the life’s journey of Jahna, who as a woman tries to protect her clan in the novel The Fox.


Last week’s story was:

Mick Bordet’s short story “Conclave” (alternative history)

A Some Other Scotland Spin-Off


About the short story: Scotland, 2000 BC – Three men and a polar bear meet in a cave to change the world, but can they overcome their personal agendas and preconceptions of each other for the greater good? One petty squabble triggers a chain of events that will build over the following four thousand years, culminating in the story that takes place within “Some Other Scotland”.