Welcome to our 44th episode. H.E. Roulo brings you an interview with Vincent Meis and Brian Rathbone takes us to Vienna for Katharina Maimer’s Wiener Blut. We have news and contests, naturally. Enjoy!

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Formula for Murder

Diana Orgain’s, author of the podcast novel Bundle of Trouble, has released another of her Maternal Instincts Mysteries books in print.
 FORMULA FOR MURDER is now available on Amazon.com.

Available Now from Berkley Prime Crime for only $7.99

Horror Contests

Wicked Women Writers and Masters of Macabre contests have been announced. Join in creating some horror-ful podcast entries. They will air on horroraddicts.net and be voted on by listeners.

Wicked Women Writers link: http://wickedwomenwriters.wordpress.com/ (Update: Taking entrants until March 13th, 2011)

Masters of Macabre link: http://mastersofmacabre.wordpress.com/ (Update: Taking entrants until April 10th, 2011)

Are you working on your submission?

Glimpses (Volume Two of Podioracket Presents) is OPEN for submissions. We are accepting submissions from Podiobooks.com authors who wish to have a short story that takes place in (one of) their book’s world included in the Podioracket Presents-Glimpses anthology. Submit text to prp@podioracket.com. See our PRP Submission Guide for information on what to submit. Submission period ends Monday April 4, 2011.

SpecFicMedia Shows You

Speculative Fiction Media, a new site organized by P.G. Holyfield, is up and running. He hopes it will be your one stop location for Speculative Fiction media content from around the internet, including book trailers, interviews, author readings, video reviews, and video podcasts.

Read an Ebook!

It’s Read an Ebook week. Many authors are offering books and short stories for free this week, so look for those. On Smashwords, the coupon code is RE100.


Vincent Meis

Eddie’s Desert Rose by Vincent Meis

Website: www.vincentmeis.com

Bio: I grew up in the Midwest and at an early age I began writing plays, which I cajoled my sisters to act in. In the 1980’s and 90’s I published several pieces, mostly travel articles, in several different magazines. In recent years I have finished three novels and a number of short stories. All three novels are set at least partially in foreign countries—Cuba, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. I currently live in San Francisco.

Katharina Maimer

Wiener Blut by Katharina Maimer
Email: katharina@maimer.net
Website: www.maimer.net or www.wiener-blut.com
When Isabelle’s secret past returns to haunt her nightmares, she must take action to protect her family from a threat that is closer than she realises.
Set within the traditional Viennese café culture, ‘Wiener Blut’ (literally translated as ‘Viennese Blood’) is the story of café owner Isabelle Schindler-Krug and her role in a struggle for power that stretches back for centuries.
As she tells her sons the legends behind coffee and Vienna, it becomes clear that one such legend is still in the making, with her own family caught right in the middle.

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