Welcome to Podioracket’s Episode 43 where we will introduce you to three podiobooks.com authors and give a ton of news as well as a super way to win a Kindle.

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Your Days are Numbered

Myke Bartlett is a journalist, writer and podcaster. His work has appeared in leading newspapers, on radio, in glossy magazines and atop coffee tables everywhere. In the podosphere, he’s best known for his 2006 novel How to Disappear Completely.

Website: www.mykebartlett.com
Twitter: @mykebartlett
email: kilbeysalmon@gmail.com
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Every Photo Tells…

Katharina Maimer is from Vienna, Austria and has been podcasting (3 Heroes, Potterwatch, Luscious Leftovers) since 2007. Her modern fantasy novel, Wiener Blut, is half-way through and will launch on Podiobooks.com on 25th February.

Mick Bordet is from Loch Lomond, Scotland and part of progressive skiffle band The Lunacy Board. His ongoing historical sci-fi novel, Some Other Scotland is also available on Podiobooks.com.
“Every month we present a photograph on the website and follow it up with at least two short stories inspired by it. We may come up with different stories about the main subject or completely unrelated tales about what is happening in the background. The stories are released in the form of a fortnightly podcast available for free download. Guest writers provide additional stories based on the same prompt, increasing the frequency of episodes each month.”

website: www.everyphototells.com
Twitter @EveryPhoto
Email:  info@everyphototells.com


Borders Bankruptcy?

Www.bloomberg.com reported on February 2, 2011 that Borders Group Inc., the second- largest U.S. bookstore chain, may be filing for bankruptcy as soon as this week. A bankruptcy could mean that of the 650 retail stores 150 may well have to be closed and new sources of financing created. Borders delayed payments to publishers in January as part of an effort to restructure its financing and avoid a cash shortfall. The link to the article http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-02-01/borders-said-to-prepare-bankruptcy-filing-as-early-as-next-week.html.

On the brighter side- Winners!

2010 Our History Project Literary Excellence Award winners have been announced and 3 podiobooks.com authors where given awards. Join Podioracket in congratulating:
Best Podcast Novel Gold Award – Shadowmagic
Written and performed by John Lenahan
Best Podcast Novel – Silver Award – Letter from China
Written by Peter James Froning, Read by Barrett Whitener
Best Audiobook Silver Award – Contagious
Written and performed by Scott Sigler

See all the winners here.

A new affiliate program from a new site

MyfreeRead.com is now open and accepting ebooks and articles. Upon acceptance as their affiliate, MyFreeRead.com will:
• Post your work on their website for visitors to read
• Include a link to your own website
• Generate increased awareness of your material, and
• Pay you 70% commission for advertisements or donations generated by your post.

Are you working on your submission?

Glimpses (Volume Two of Podioracket Presents) is OPEN for submissions. We are accepting submissions from Podiobooks.com authors who wish to have a short story that takes place in (one of) their book’s world included in the Podioracket Presents-Glimpses anthology. Submit text to prp@podioracket.com. See our PRP Submission Guide for information on what to submit. Submission period ends Monday April 4, 2011.


Basil Sands new give away should perk you up. Here is how it works. Between January 1st and March 31st 2011 buy the 65 Below and/or Faithful Warrior and be entered to win a new Kindle WiFi reader!
For every thousand initial entries Basil be giving away a brand new Kindle 3 eReader!
There is a separate drawing for each book, so BUY BOTH AND DOUBLE YOUR CHANCES!
No limit on how many he will give away!
(Konrath and others are selling 40,000 plus a month. Put him at that level and he’ll give away forty or more Kindles!)
To enter the contest email a copy of your Amazon, Smashwords or B&N order number to kindle@basilsands.com.
But that’s not all do you want even more entries?
Get up to 10 extra entries per book in the drawing. After the initial entry do the following:
4 extra entries per book: Go to www.basilsands.com and from the comment page send a comment with the answer to these questions:

  • 65 Below: “What military organization was Temebe a veteran of?”
  • Faithful Warrior: “What was the name of Mike Farris’s sniper school instructor?”

4 extra entries:
Get four extra entries for leaving a review or comment at the purchase pages:
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New Releases

The Secret World Chronicle, Book Four: World Divided by Mercedes Lackey, Dennis Lee, and Cody Martin, with Larry Dixon and Veronica Giguere Science Fiction
Trader Tales 6: Owners Share by Nathan Lowell Science Fiction

Released Complete

Triad Death Match by Seth Harwood Fiction

GalaxyBillies by Michell Plested Science Fiction
Sanctification by Beverly Carradine Spirituality

Butterflies Are Free To Fly by Stephen Davis SpiritualityFAMILY FRIENDLY: Safe for family listening
The Dynamic Manager’s Guide To Sales Techniques: How To Create New Prospects And Make More Sales by Dave Donelson Non-Fiction

Now Complete

The Arwen Season 5: Dyson Sphere by Timothy P. Callahan Science Fiction