You may have noticed that isn’t responding the way it has in the past. Is it you? Is it them? Doesn’t it feel about you the way that it once did?

Fear not. It’s a general problem and they’re working on the solution.

On Monday, January 17th Evo Terra sent a note to authors that said:


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we’ve totally — and
completely — maxed out our current dedicated webserver. We tried a
hard-drive swap on Sunday, but it didn’t do squat. Further analysis
showed that we’re very, very underpowered for the traffic we’ve been
receiving recently.

So we’re upgrading. We’re getting something stupid like 8x the CPU
power and 4x the RAM on the box. We’re now into some very serious
hardware and hopefully will eliminate the recent issues.

Costs, by the way, have doubled. At this time I have NO PLANS to
change the author compensation structure. Authors will still receive
75% of the donations we receive for their books. My hope is that we’ll
get some additional donations from listeners. We haven’t had any
serious lift there in the last couple of years. I aim to change that.
I may not be successful, but that is my plan.

So thanks for your patience. The new box is schedule to be in place by
Friday. Yes, that’s a very long time to be down. Sorry about that. It
really can’t be helped.


Reassured? Good.

For more updates check out

And if you’re one of Nathan Lowell’s caffeine-starved fans, like my husband, you can access his feed at I understand that Owner’s Share may have been the traffic-straw that broke Podiobooks’s back.