Podioracket.com brings you Episode 36. Some truly great interviews with Keith Hughes and P.C. Harring from Heather Roulo, and Brian Rathbone. Rhonda R Carpenter brings you news, and contests!

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Keith Hughes

Blurb: What if by simply writing a word you could build a wall, light a fire, or cloud someone’s mind? In an environment like this Alan Porter struggles to use his talents to overthrow a totalitarian government that controls the masses by controlling Words. Access to Writing materials is restricted, and creating Verse without a license is severely punished. Raised in this environment of systematic censorship, Alan heeds the irresistible call of Words to create a better world.

Now Alan gathers people who will fight with him to bring about a society based on freedom. In a war where the weapons are stylus, paper, and Words, he is the only one who can lead the battle and show the way to victory, a fight that Alan Porter wages even long after his death, because he is The Guerrilla Poet.

Author of Borrowed Time, a time travel, action adventure story
E-book: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/9495
FREE Podiobook: http://www.penslinger.com/

Website: www.Penslinger.com
E-Mail: khughes@penslinger.com
Twitter: EdGizmo
Host of The Time Out! Podcast

P.C. Harring

Blurb: For Agent Ciris, the mission should have been simple: get in, apprehend the target, get out. But when the simple snatch and grab goes horribly awry, the worlds first cyborg finds herself backed into a corner. At odds with her superiors, she becomes embroiled in two conspiracies — one intended to destroy her with a cybernetic virus that will neutralize the technology that keeps her alive, the other intended to keep hidden the untold secrets of her origin. With the walls closing in around her, Ciris becomes a rogue agent with no one to trust and only one objective — unravel the shrouds of secrecy before time runs out.

Author Bio: P.C. Haring is the author of Cybrosis and the producer of Cybrosis and a lover of all things Science Fiction. He earns his keep as an accountant for a private corporation in suburban Chicago in order to pay the bills while he works on building his writing career.

Contact info:
Website: www.cybrosisnovel.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/pcharing
Facebook Fan site: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=134623253236611



You just heard that Keith Hughes will be participating in NaNoWrimo. How can you get in on National Novel Writing Month? Simply go to nanowrimo.org and sign up then set a time of day where you commit to yourself to write every day for a month. All the details at Nanowrimo.org.


Wicked Women Writers- Most Wicked 2010

Heather Roulo, Most Wicked 2009, is helping host this year’s contest. 6 horror short stories by the lovely but cruel Wicked Women Writers will appear on HorrorAddicts.net for listeners to vote on. Contest rules are at the end of each story. You could win prizes donated by each of the women! Vote by November 16th.
Hosted by H.E. Roulo & Emerian Rich.


New Releases

The Guerrilla Poet by Keith Hughes Science Fiction
Scouts by Nobilis Reed Erotica ADULT: Adult oriented themes, language and situations. Content not suitable for minors.
Vulture Capital by Mark Coggins Thriller

Completed Works

The Sorcerer’s Secret by J.A. Areces Fantasy

Released Complete

All That Can Be Shaken by Essie Collins Non-Fiction
Gibbous Moon by Michael Bannister Humor