Podiobooks.com exploded with new authors and well-loved returning authors this summer while we were out on hiatus. Now that it is time for Podioracket to return to our regular fall schedule, we thought we would fill you in on what we missed.

We have a busy season coming up for the Raise a Racket podcast and the Live Blog Talk Radio Show. Both shows kick off just after the Labor Day holiday. We’re recording interviews now. Look for announcements to follow soon on the many authors we have lined up for you. Until then, we hope you had as good a summer as we did and here is what you may have missed:

Now Releasing


Peace Lord of the Red Planet by Steven H. Wilson Science Fiction

Prophecy Blossoms by Brenda Wamsley Alternative History

True Love by Emmy Z. Madrigal Romance

The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan Fantasy


Hull’s Landing by James Melzer Horror/Dark Fantasy

The Demon Queen and The Locksmith by Spencer Baum Young Adult FAMILY FRIENDLY: Safe for family listening

Bloody Foundations: A Grace and Poppy Adventure by Grady J. Gratt Fantasy

The KIRINS Trilogy, Book Two: The Flight of the Ain by James D. Priest Fantasy FAMILY FRIENDLY: Safe for family listening



Time, emiT, and Time Again by Teel McClanahan III Science Fiction

The Prisoner of NaNoWriMo by Craig Robertson Science Fiction

New and Completed



The Calvary Road by Roy and Revel Hession Spirituality FAMILY FRIENDLY: Safe for family listening

More Lost Memories by Teel McClanahan III Fiction

Forkless in Kowloon by Vic Zarley Non-Fiction FAMILY FRIENDLY: Safe for family listening

Fresh Kills by Basil Sands and The Authors of The Killzone Blog Fiction


The Guild of the Cowry Catchers, Book I Embers by Abigail Hilton Fantasy

The Final Call to Repentance by Eva Zarley Spirituality

The Difficult Task of Loving Atheists by Vic Zarley Spirituality

No Doorway Wide Enough by Bill Schmalfeldt Essays



In Sight of the Sun by Benjamin Dancer Historical Fiction

How the World Works (and What Jesus Does Through Us to Overcome It) by Vic Zarley Spirituality FAMILY FRIENDLY: Safe for family listening

The Streetwise Cycle by Bronwyn Mauldin Fiction

Every Photo Tells… Book 1 by Katharina Maimer and Mick Bordet Fiction



When Love Is Not Perfect by Dr. Marie Sontag Self-Help

The Son of Man by CW Johnson Science Fiction

The Raider’s Lament by Joseph Jaquinta Science Fiction

Now Complete


Closet Treats by Paul Elard Cooley Horror/Dark Fantasy

Dead Mech by Jake Bible Science Fiction

Earthbound by Artemis Greenleaf Fantasy FAMILY FRIENDLY: Safe for family listening

Billy Barbarian by J.R. Murdock Fantasy



Conjuring Raine by Maya Lassiter Fiction

Lilith’s Love by Dan Shaurette Horror/Dark Fantasy

The Secret World Chronicle, Book Three: World Well Lost by Mercedes Lackey Science Fiction





The White Shadow Saga: The Stolen Moon of Londor (Remastered) by A.P. Stephens Fantasy

Ancestor by Scott Sigler Science Fiction