Rhonda and Heather bring the third season of Raise a Racket to a close with our 32nd episode.

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During Heather and Rhonda’s recap of the season, discussion of their Parsec nominations, and speculation on next season, they also cover Rhonda’s big move and the accompanying contest called–

Where’s Rhonda?

Several ways to get into the contest that starts with the promo release the first week of June. Then on June 24th we hit the road! This contest ends June 26th as we reach our destination.

  1. Tweet @rhondacarpenter and let me know you are spreading the word about the contest.
  2. Catch me on the road by following me either as I tweet and facbook about where I am as we drive across country.
  3. We know for sure we will be spending the night in Kingman AZ!
  4. Snap a pic of the convoy and tweet @rhondacarpenter or Facebook on my wall rhondacarpenter
  5. Stop by the shop on Second Life and drop me a note http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Book%20Island/231/96/36
  6. Blog about the trip and tell me you did.
  7. Play the audio promo that will be released the first week of June. And shoot me a link to the podcast at info@themarkofadruid.com.
  8. Bonus prize if you figure out a way to spread the word I haven’t thought mentioned.

See you on the web and on the road. More to come!

See Rhonda’s web site for all the details and updates.

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 Podioracket Presents-Visionaries

We’ve invited the authors from the second half of the Podioracket Presents-Visionaries anthology to chat with you, live, on the Blog Talk Radio show. Join us on Wednesday, June 9 at 6pm Pacific/9 pm Eastern! Speak with fantastic novelists such as Mike Luoma, Philippa Ballantine, Basil Sands, Teel McClanahan III, Brian Rathbone, J. Daniel Sawyer, H.E. Roulo, and Phil Rossi. Brian Holtz will be co-hosting with Rhonda Carpenter. Set a reminder now!


Alex White

The very next day, Thursday June 10, will be the final Blog Talk Radio-Podioracket. Alex White is an avid reader, writer and musical composer living in Huntsville, AL. In addition to podcasting The Gearheart, he creates motion graphics and Flash training for high end defense clients. His wife, Renée White, is the acclaimed Domestic Scientist, a geek craft blogger, and she assists with voices as well. He has a toddler and a dog. Big thanks to Alex for helping to close season three. Set a reminder. We will be back in late August!