Have you listened to the excellent Blog Talk Radio- Podioracket interview yet?

Dragon Moon Press associate publisher Gabrielle Harbowy answered our questions and announced a special offer for Podioracket.com listeners. She has opened manuscript submissions for the next two weeks to our listeners. Make sure you check out the show, get your manuscript prettied up, and send it to her with our compliments! Here’s the opportunity you’ve been looking for, and you’ll kick yourself if you miss it.

Gabrielle also does freelance editing. I loved her response to whether having her edit your book would improve chances that the book would be picked up by Dragon Moon Press, or elsewhere. It was thoughtful and funny.

During the interview she gave us a chance to ask questions about editing, writing, queries, submitting, and the fine art of rejection and acceptance.

Keep in mind that Dragon Moon Press picked up several Podiobooks.com authors, including P.G. Holyfield and J.P. Moore. And Gabrielle edited Philippa Ballantine’s book, lately picked up by Ace. But you don’t have to be a Podiobooks.com author to be considered.

Check out the interview and Gabrielle’s blog with all the details.

Let us know what you thought. Maybe tell us that you submitted your book? And definitely enjoy yet another excellent Blog Talk Radio interview!

We want our listeners to put their best foot forward so we can get other great interviews and opportunities for you. Don’t let us, or yourself, down.