Podioracket Presents-Visionaries

In last week’s PRP-Visionaries story #13 Brian Rathbone, the author of The Dawning of Power trilogy, gave us Beyond the Veil. Vincent Pels seeks to protect his daughter in life and death.

Coming up next we have a supersized story from J. Daniel Sawyer, author of Predestination. In the dark-noir story, We Create Worlds, Rick’s VR shop does a healty business in fantasy, vital stress relief for the community. He likes his life, his job, his customers, and his relationship with a certain group of Sicilian gentlemen – life is good. Sometimes, though, fantasies have a way of impinging on reality in a most inconvenient fashion…

Music by George Hrab, Al Philipps and the Woo Team, and Ax Pur, all from Podsafe Music Network. Danielle Ozymandia as Nikka and the college girl.

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