Philippa Ballantine’s short story is “Measureless to Man”. Someone is dead on the orbiting space station Kubali, and someone soon will be. Time is running out for Io, she must find out why her friends have been killed and save herself from the same fate. But something is waiting in the shadows for her, something that even she the last of the Skin Natives has never seen before.

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Podioracket Presents-Visionaries First 8

The first half of Podioracket Presents-Visionaries has aired. Eight stories from eight experienced authors, J.C. Hutchins, Brian Holts, Patrick McLean, Paul Cooley, Seth Harwood, Ron Vitale, E.G. Talbot, and John Mierau. To celebrate, we’re inviting them all to a huge Podioracket Blog Talk Radio LIVE interview on Thursday, March 25th at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern. We’ve confirmed at least four of them will be available for your questions. Set a reminder now!