Please welcome new guest blogger Mike Luoma. Mike has been on the show before when we interviewed him for is novels, including Synthetic Marmalade and Alibi Jones. He is, perhaps, best known for his Vatican Assassin Trilogy. Most recently, he contributed a short story to our Podioracket Presents-Visionaries anthology.

Why give your shorts away in anthologies?

I’m writer Mike Luoma, with work in two new anthologies: a short with artist Ben Ferrari – “Souverain: Under God” – in Lady Fight: Aggression from Earthbound Comics, and a short story – “Alibi Jones: Vacation” – in Podioracket Presents: Visionaries. But I’m not getting paid directly for either. Podioracket’s Rhonda Carpenter asked me to tell you why a writer would want their work to appear “for free” – Why write a script for Earthbound without getting paid? Why “give away” a short story to Podioracket Presents: Visionaries?

For me it’s the value of exposure – letting people know my work exists. With both Visionaries and Lady Fight  I benefit from the combined promotional muscle of all involved, as my work appears alongside the work of more established creators. Their audiences have a chance to sample my stuff, and vice versa.

The Vatican Assassin Trilogy (Vatican Assassin, Vatican Ambassador and Vatican Abdicator), my Synthetic Marmalade and Alibi Jones are available free at Podiobooks, and I’ve seen listening translate into sales. In theory, new people hear the “Alibi Jones” short story and go on to listen to or read my other books and buy them in some form… in theory. And I haven’t actually “given away” the “Alibi Jones” story. All rights belong to me – Podioracket has non-exclusive rights to feature my work. The story’s not yet in print anywhere – so I am thinking of other ways to use the work and “monetize” it.

I benefit from the exposure Earthbound Comics generates – Lady Fight was a 2009 Project Fanboy Award Nominee – and I get books at cost to sell at retail price myself, a creator’s agreement that isn’t much different from putting out my own books. The exposure should help promote my new comics: the drama Everybody Lies with artist Juan Carlos Quattordio and the first issue of the graphic novel adaptation of Vatican Assassin with artist Cristian Navarro. Writing for Earthbound also establishes me as a comic book writer, gets reviewers familiar with my work and so more likely to review my own releases, and that in turn should encourage more people to buy my books.

Lots of hoping and guessing… and luck, timing… and inspiration. Wrote a short that didn’t have a home – and then Podioracket put out the call for Visionaries. Read Ben Ferrari’s “Souverain” story in the first issue of Lady Fight and an entire mini-trilogy of stories for her exploded into my mind. I pitched the ideas to Ben and he loved them! There were sublime coincidences which led to my work appearing in each collection. There’s also a trust factor involved – and in repeated cases thus far both Podioracket and Earthbound have proven trustworthy. This makes the potential promotional value of including my work in their books worth exploring.

The ultimate goal is to get people to buy my books. Hope you’ll do some exploring – links follow:

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