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Podioracket Presents-Visionaries

Brought together by H.E. Roulo and Brian Holtz, this 16 story collection of short stories brings you some of the best has to offer. Each week of we will feature a new short story from one of the talented authors. The stories will be of many genres and told in the voices of the authors themselves. The anthology debuts on on Friday, February 12. Welcome to Podioracket Presents- Visionaries

 Five stories are available now!

The first story in the anthology, one of several prequel tales for J.C. Hutchins‘ thriller novel 7th Son: Descent, stars Kilroy2.0, a deranged Washington DC-based computer hacker. Incensed by recent federal scrutiny, Kilroy2.0 declares to his followers that today is a day of … ruination.

Listen to Brian Holtz’s award-winning, never before aired in audio, short story Jeremy’s Potential. This slipstream short story brings us Jeremy, who learns that his life is much bigger than he’d ever imagined. He finds himself spiraling from one reality to the next, searching for his daughter. To stop the nightmare he’ll need determination, quick reflexes and…a teddy bear. If you enjoy it, try one of Brian’s other novels.

Writer Patrick McLean won a “Best Fiction (Non-speculative)” Parsec Award  for this humorous piece, Death of a Dishwasher! Find more of Patrick’s work on, including How to Succeed in Evil.

Paul E. Cooley, the author of Tattoo, brings his horror short, Canvas, in which an artist discusses his philosophy of painting with a captive audience.

Seth Harwood’s thriller Junius, is the precursor to his novel Young Junius, which was just picked up for publication. Junius Ponds came up on tough streets outside Boston way back in the day. In the middle of drugs, gang violence, and the toughest set of tower-projects you ever knew, he seeks to avenge his brother. Learn more in the novel based on this short story, Young Junius.

Coming next week . . . . Ron Vitale!

So check out Podioracket Presents- Visionaries.