New Releases

We love keeping you informed on all the great books coming out on
Here’s what you might have missed in the last three months:


Finn, Again, The Later Adventure of Huckleberry Finn by Doug Hundley Fiction
The Dreamer’s Thread by Starla Huchton Fantasy
The Eye Of The Storm by Jeffrey Lynn Stoddard Mystery
Regenis 4 Chronicles (Book 1) by Steve Simons Science Fiction FAMILY FRIENDLY: Safe for family listening

Snapdragon Alley by Tom Lichtenberg Fiction FAMILY FRIENDLY: Safe for family listening
Freak City by Tom Lichtenberg Fiction
Glitter Girl by Erin O’Briant Fiction
Christy by Michael Thomas Cunningham Chick Lit

Serpentine Street by Jeffrey Lynn Stoddard Humor
3 Dooms of America by Eugene Fairfield Science Fiction
A Dance With Demons by Jeff Offringa Fantasy
Purgatory by Tim Dodge Magical Realism


Ravenwood by Nathan Lowell Fantasy
CrimeWAV Season 3 by Seth Harwood Fiction
Self Made by M. Darusha Wehm Science Fiction
The HeavenField – Book Two by I G Hulme Science Fiction

Confederate Gold by George Vassallo Thriller
Storie di Fiori by Silvia Cecchini Inspirational Fiction
Trapping A Duchess by Michele Bekemeyer Romance
The Secret World Chronicle, Book Two: The Hunt by Mercedes Lackey and Steve Libbey Science Fiction
The Legacy of Jade: A Traveler’s Faith by Paul B. Moore Fantasy