Authors need every way possible to connect with fans. In addition to, which gives free, serialized podcasts of full novels, other electronic methods are making books more available and cheaper. recently formed agreements with Smashwords so that ebook versions could be purchased if the authors made them available.

A small but growing number of authors have started using White Wolf Press to see that ebook versions are made to fit into a variety of channels. See White Wolf Press’s list of authors and books here

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Brian Rathbone firmly believes that ebooks should be a part of every author’s distribution plan. He’ll tell you to get on and get your work distributed to major players like Amazon, Sony, and Barnes and Noble. He’d tell you to have an iPhone app made of your book and sell it on iTunes. He used to tell people to get on Mobipocket, but when Mobipocket announced they would no longer be accepting new publishers, he knew independent authors were going to miss out on a great opportunity. It was then that White Wolf Press, LLC underwent a transformation from publishing only Brian’s works to being a royalty-paying digital publisher. The primary focus of White Wolf Press is to help authors with published or podcasted novels who wish to establish a presence in the ebook market.

Digital publishing gets author’s works in front of a global audience. It’s a relatively low risk proposition and it compliments other forms of publishing. With no upfront costs and help from White Wolf in lowering the technical barrier, authors can achieve widespread digital distribution of their ebooks.

Making the eBook Push

One author taking advantage of White Wolf Press is Emerian Rich, author of Night’s Knights on Night’s Knights recently released in print, and is ready to push the Mobipocket version. Help support her push day, and get a little bonus!

The Deal

On January 23rd (this Saturday), buy Night’s Knights on Mobipocket!

Everyone who buys the Mobipocket edition of Night’s Knights has the opportunity to receive a copy of the Night’s Knights Companion free!

Just follow these simple steps:
1. Buy Night’s Knights on Mobipocket on January 23rd.
2. Take a picture of yourself with your e-device, pc, or phone with Chapter 13 of Night’s Knights displaying.
3. Email the picture to Emerian at: with your name and snail mail address by February 5th.
4. Enjoy your ebook of Night’s Knights while you await your extras!

January 23rd is Mobipocket push day. If you’ve been putting off buying, this is the perfect time! You can buy your digital copy for your phone, e-reading device, or to read on your pc! And because it’s an ebook, you get it for half the price! Only $5.99 later, you will be swimming around in Night’s Knights goodness. Yum!

Night’s Knights Companion booklet is a must have. Packed with floor plans, character sketches, and fan fic, you won’t believe how much background information and author notes are packed in this baby!

Buy Night’s Knights on Mobipocket now!

*Special Offer ends February 5th, 2010

Please note that Podioracket isn’t paid to endorse any services or products. We do tend to support undertakings that have worked for us. Rhonda R. Carpenter’s The Mark of a Druid novel has been released in eBook format by White Wolf, and Brian Rathbone has just come on board as a permanent staff member. So, while we aren’t paid, and H.E. Roulo put this piece together, we may very well be biased. But only in a good way, I hope.