When we created Podioracket.com, we did it to assist and expand a community that we respected. As part of that community, it seems appropriate to mourn with Tee Morris, one of the founders of Podiobooks.com, at the recent loss of his wife.

I have lost too many people to believe that silence is polite. It does not bring solace, only a void that could be filled with support, understanding, and a reminder that the world is a caring place.

Please understand, I do not claim any special relationship with Tee.  Many of you may know him personally. I know him through the same Podioracket.com interviews and books as our listeners. But I respect and support him, just like any member of the community, and therefore consider him a friend.

Rhonda would ask you to hold his family in the light, or pray, or do whatever condolence feels appropriate.

I agree, just as she would agree with me in the suggestion that you tweet him. Though it may seem too intrusive, too practical, or simply not polite, I would disagree. After all, the man who wrote All a Twitter can only appreciate notes of support over that same medium.

So whether you tweet, pray, contribute, or simply heave a sigh at the end of this article, thank you for being part of the community.

Evo Terra knows Tee well. Here is what he wrote on Podiobooker:

Tonight I learned that Tee Morris, my friend and co-founder of Podiobooks.com, suffered the loss of his wife, Natalie. Her passing was unexpected, and Tee now faces the unenviable task of rearing his young daughter, Serena, as a single parent.

Tee was the first author to make his book into a serialized audiobook delivered by a podcast. And though others soon followed independent of Tee’s actions, his “Hey Evo, I have an idea…” phone call in late 2004 was the genesis of what would become Podiobooks.com.

Over the last few years, Tee has taken a less active role in Podiobooks.com, focusing on his career, his writing and his family. He’ll need that time more than ever in the coming days, weeks, months and even years. I’m lucky to count him as a friend and wish him the smoothest journey possible through these trouble times.


Friends of Tee’s have setup a support fund to help with the transition. If you can give, please do:

We at Podioracket wish Tee and his daughter, known to us as Sonic Boom, well.

Heather & Rhonda