The Ning Community allows authors to meet and exchange tips, ideas, and critiques. There is so much information that some of it is worth revisiting outside the group.

Voice talent Jeffrey Kafer, featured in a Raise a Racket interview in Episode 19 and who will appear in a next season BTR-PR show, offered some solid advice for authors planning to record a book with mulitiple characters played by themselves.

“No doubt in your book, you have characters that appear in the beginning and then disappear only to reappear later. So how do you remember the voice you did? Do you try and dig up the chapter where you recorded it to give it a listen? If you do, you should be applauded for making sure you get the same characterization. However, this is a painfully tedious way to do it.

Ok, smart guy, what’s a better way?

When you first record that character, simply copy the dialog into a new audio file. How much you copy is up to you to keep as a reference for later use. Then save the file as the character name “Bob Jones.wav” or whatever. Keep it in your project folder. As the book progresses, you’ll have filenames for every character that you can reference immediately to refresh your memory.

Voila! You’ve saved much time and headache and you’ll keep your characters consistent.”

Evo has one reminder as well. As you plan voices for the characters, remember that some voices are more tiring than others. He says

“Figure out your approach to the character before you start the book. Start with the characters that have the most dialoge and record a sample of them as Jeffery says above. Make sure none of them are much of a challenge for you, since you’ll probably be using that voice a lot.

Then work your way down to the other characters, again, saving each narration file as a refresher for later on. If you have really nifty voice trick you want to try, but it kills your vocal chords, save it for a character who doesn’t talk a lot.”

Hope you enjoyed this little piece of insight into the workings of a podcast novel. Let us know if you’d like more tips.