Catch another super show! This crazy interview Brian Rathbone sent from the World Fantasy Conference with Tee Morris, J.D. Sawyer, and Philippa Ballantine was fun, feisty, and required a lot of editing to be PG. Whew!

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Tee Morris

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J.D. Sawyer



Twitter: @dsawyer

Bio: When he’s not indulging his psychosis or happily encouraging his burgeoning case of carpal tunnel syndrome by feeding his writing habit, he spends his time doing fine art photography, video production and editing, and podcast production through his media company ArtisticWhispers Productions. He is currently in post production on his first feature film, Hunting Kestral, which takes place in the same universe as the podcast novel Predestination and Other Games of Chance

Philippa Ballantine

Weather Child by Philippa Ballantine Historical Fantasy

Twitter: philippajane

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