J.C's interview was a "Today's Picks"

We were very excited when an episode of Podioracket.com’s BlogTalkRadio extension reached #10 in books. Our fabulous interview with J.C. Hutchins was a highlight that we worked diligently to beat.

Our recent Triple Threat interview on PR-BTR did the job, reaching an astounding #1 in the books category with more than 1,400 downloads in one week.

While we were still celebrating, BlogTalkRadio contacted us to announce that PR-BTR is now one of their featured shows. It appears third on their homepage. They will help promote the show and push listeners to it. They also enabled additional features such as video– though just because you have a new toy doesn’t mean you have to use it! 

#1 in ‘Books’ The Triple Threat Ep

Consistently good guests, a regular schedule, an amazing group of dedicated participants, and of course the charming nature of our regular host Rhonda R Carpenter, with just the occassional smattering of H.E. Roulo has helped us reach this level. We’ll continue to have all of these things but we want more!

Help us reach our goals, and tell us who you want to the opportunity to talk to live. We already have plans to talk to voice talent, artistic directors, and editors in addition to a flood of new and returning Podiobooks.com authors. Anyone in particular you’re dying for (Nathan, we’re going to keep asking!)

If you make it onto the show we’ll do our part to promote the episode but there are steps that authors and fans can do to make it even better. Here are the factors that we’ve seen drive the most fun, excitement, and the highest numbers:

1) Blog about it- Blogging let’s an author’s fans know that the show is coming. Remind them to get their questions ready!

2) Facebook/MySpace- Sharing information on these sites spreads the word and is very timely.

3) Tell friends- Every person counts, especially if they know the author well enough to ask the great questions and cheer the author on.

4) Offer a treat- Authors should consider giving away copies of the book, copies of the ebook, or running a promotion sp people have more incentive to get up from the second helping of dessert just for the chance to speak to them.

5) Twitter- Twitter gives great word-of-mouth and can spread through all the right people who might be interested.

6) Give a count down- You may feel you’ve been shouting, but people are so forgetful they miss birthdays and anniversaries. An hour before the interview give the people, many who are genuinely interested, the reminder they need to show up. Get those last-minute spontaneous clicks, and reward them with a smashing, awesome, fun time!

Podioracket.com is now a featured show!

If you want to be on the show, or want to see someone invited on, we’re going to be filling out our post-hiatus calendar and now is the time to strike. Write us at contact@podioracket.com.