Heather and Rhonda are so excited about the Horroraddicts.com challenge where an author and a voter will win a big box of schwag and we mean BIG! There are signed books, posters, mouse houses and CD’s all donated by the Wicked Women Writers.


Podioracket’s Wicked Women Lumentera Podless, A.K.A H.E. Roulo, and Insight Zadark, A.K.A Rhonda R Carpenter.

The live Second Life interview is October 7th at 7:30 pm PST. We invite everyone to come and join us at Quills on Book Island located at 22 Gutenburg Ave.  If you can’t make the live interview it will hit the main feed on www.horroraddicts.net on October 11th.

We are asking you to vote on your favorite story about how to dispose of a husband. We are not killing off our real hubbies, but in the stories we certainly will do some permanent damage.