Promotional Materials is not paid to endorse any product and all recommendations are based on our limited personal experience. We’re just telling you what we’ve figured out or seen. People have begun asking where to get promotional materials and this is our best answer.

We want to tell people about our books. But how?

We used for wearable gear. It’s very easy if you have a good image. Check out Podioracket’s store. Zazzle automatically sets up a store, they’re linkable through Facebook, it’s print on demand, and the quality of the print job was quite good. Be sure to check their fit chart, since sizes on some apparel run small.

For bookmarks and business cards it’s But don’t pay full price for anything; they send out lots of offers and coupons. Also, definitely get them coated (free but you have to select that option). Their 2-sided thick card stock gloss-finish bookmarks are well worth the price. Hand them out everywhere! 2-sided business cards are premo too! Put your cover on the one side and your website and links on the back.

Use for posters. If you buy in quantity they are inexpensive and totally loved. They also offer large and small car magnets that allow you to drive around and advertise. Rhonda warns that they get stolen, but she considers that just another form of advertising.

These dogtags come recommended by Emerian Rich. She also has a page on making your own promotional pens.

And if you need help with images Lone Wolf Sage Co. is starting a sideline helping. He’s very good and has helped several authors with their covers and materials in different layouts for the various formats (poster, business card, bookmark etc.).

What does it hurt to spend 50 bucks on something that will get your name out there? This is one cheap form of advertising.

Just consider whether you’ve got the personality to press these onto people, or plan to attend a convention where you can pass them out. Though we can’t attend many conventions, we’ve had other podcasters offer to put some out on tables for us and that is always appreciated.

Does your favorite author have a unique promotional item that caught your attention? We would love comments from other authors on their personal experiences with getting promotional materials or from fans who love a particular promotional item they saw.

Example Business Card- Front

Sample business card (Front) by Lone Wolf Sage Co.