Here is a contest that you need to jump on now. Seeing friends this weekend? Bring your copy of Personal Effects Dark Art and spread the word! If you already have a copy of Dark Art then you know this book is so different and exciting that showing it off is easy. The trans-media effects are stunning and what better way to tell everyone you know about a killer way to win a battle-ready sword with an original, one of a kind piece of flash fiction on it.  Challenge yourself to be worthy of the Sword of Blood. We will let J.C Hutchins and Matt Wallace Show-and-Tell you below. But really, you could own a piece of them. Can you say DNA sample?

WIN the Sword of Blood!

J.C. Hutchins and award-winning horror/thriller writer Matt Wallace have teamed up to unleash the coolest promotion in the history of the mothereffin’ multiverse. By evangelizing J.C.’s new novel Personal Effects: Dark Art, you have a shot at winning a unique, priceless sword … THE Sword of Blood.

This is a BATTLE READY, real-deal, no-messing-around REAL sword, from Matt Wallace’s private collection. It is a replica of the sword wielded by Charles V of Spain. In 1519, Charles V was crowned “Roman Emperor”; at that time, no other leader had ruled such an inmense kingdom in human history. The sword’s blade is forged in high carbon stainless steel, and is 40 inches long. It was crafted by Marto, the same company that created swords for the Highlander television series.

But it gets so much cooler. J.C. and Matt will write a flash fiction story, focused on the Sword of Blood … and that story will be written on the blade of the weapon. This story will not appear anywhere else on the planet; it is written for an audience of one — the person who wins the Sword of Blood. And to make this a true Sword of Blood, both J.C. and Matt will sign their names upon the sword in their own blood.

This sword originally cost hundreds of dollars, and is now truly priceless. Only one will be worthy to wield it.

How can you win THE Sword of Blood? Simple.

  • You must have a copy of Personal Effects: Dark Art on hand. (Borrow one from a friend. Order a copy here. If you can’t obtain a copy, play them the videos at my homepage.)
  • You must conduct a “show and tell” of the novel and its transmedia items (IDs, biz cards, documents, etc.) to several family members or co-workers.
  • Simply show off the book, and tell your pals about the novel and its “out of book” transmedia experience.
  • You must pass out copies of the Order Form PDF (found below) to each person you chat with.
  • You can do this in your home, at a friend’s house, or at your workplace.
  • You must document this Show And Tell session with at least one photograph.
  • Email that photo to J.C. at by July 31.

One worthy participant will be selected at random, and will receive THE Sword of Blood, featuring a flash fiction story written upon its blade and signed by its authors in their blood. This sword ruled the Roman Empire. It is more than worthy of your effort. In fact, the real question is: Are you worthy to possess it?

The contest ends July 31, 2009, so there’s no time to waste. Print out the Order Form PDF for your peeps (found below), and get showing and telling. Be sure to document your efforts, and send at least one photo to J.C. at

Language warning on the video. Plug the kiddies ears.