Summer Break For Podioracket

We will be taking a super-short break between episodes but we’ve planned ahead so you’ll still have articles, BlogTalkRadio extensions with new LIVE interviews, and a Behind the Mike podcast interview in our usual time slot. Learn about why we started Podioracket and why we’re so excited! We’ve planned so well, you will still get your fill of scoop on authors. But promise you’ll miss us anyway?

We are both going to take a deep breath and come back louder than ever!

Don’t let this short break stop you from contacting us. Emails will be answered. It’s also a great time to rate our first season in iTunes.

And if you needed anything else to keep you going during our break, you could always choose to

Party with J.C. Hutchins

If you are not subscribed to “Hey Everybody” then you are missing out on some really killer content. A new Personal Effects: Dark Art contest has just kicked off. Don’t miss the chance to win and include all your friends in a house party. This is such a cool innovative idea! I have already printed my copy of the color PFD. It is jam-packed with party games, character driven drink recipies, Brink release forms and hospital badges and wrist bands. This is going to be a blast. Here is what J.C. Hutchins has to say about it:

“Behold the truly epic, very fun Personal Effects Party Pack PDF! It’s 50 PAGES of full-color awesome, delivering a comprehensive soup-to-nuts blueprint to host your very own Personal Effects: Dark Art house party.

Using this Party Pack PDF, you can proudly show off your new copy of Personal Effects (and the awesome transmedia ID cards and documents that come with the book), and introduce your friends to the mad world of Brinkvale Psychiatric Hospital with themed party games, music playlists and cocktail recipes. There’s even printable party favors!”