The Champion Quest is over and with a flood of votes that we have tallied, counted, assessed and calculated without the help of any Accounting Houses. Still, we feel that our results are as scientifically precise as you could ever expect. Really, what do you expect??

Because of the huge response, we wanted to thank all our participants and we have chosen one special voter in a random drawing for Podioracket merchandise! Congratulations to ElderDaniel, we’ll be contacting you via email! Everyone, remember to keep participating because you never know how it will pay off as we raise a racket!


First Place: Jespa from Emerian Rich’s Night’s Knights
Runners-up: Louella from Michele Roger’s Dark Matter & King Calgacus from Arlene Radasky’s The Fox

The Fox Contest Results-

A note from Arlene~

The voting is done, the ballots are cast. King Calgacus did not win, however the contract will be honored. The King’s anger will not persuade me, Arlene Radasky. I am sending a free signed copy of THE FOX to Phosephone. Congratulations!

Many thanks to all our strong competitors!

Wondering what’s up with Nina? So are we. There are hints on the horizon that change is coming and a new force gathering. Is it coming for us? We’ll be ready.

In our next podcast we finally talk with Nina Kimberly’s scribe Christiana Ellis. Can’t wait or wondering what the fuss is all about? Here’s a video from Nina herself.