Podioracket is happy to add Podiobooks.com’s own Podiobooker blog as a distribution channel for our podcast on news, contests, and interviews with authors. People already familiar with Podioracket may wonder– isn’t something missing? Next week Podiobooker will air Podioracket Episode 5 with interviews from Mike Luoma and David Hitt but will not include the tip by David Lee Summers. Since the focus of Podiobooker is for the listener, we’ve tailored the feed.

We will continue to offer tips on writing, audio editing, and equipment through our regular feed and are pleased to announce a Tip Player. This new player has all the tips from experienced authors that have already aired in our first five episodes as well as additional never-before-heard tips provided by people we have interviewed. Check it out!

In the upcoming weeks we will be releasing interviews with Mur Lafferty, John Mierau, then Todd Newton and the much-anticipated interview with Christiana Ellis as Nina Kimberly fights our champion. We also have J.C. Hutchins, Jim Priest, Dan Sawyer, and others lined up.

Stick around.