Warning! Please be advised that some of the language in this podcast may be offensive. So plug your children’s ears. When warriors gather words fly!

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 Welcome from Podioracket.com. Those who are brave enough to stand against Nina Kimberly the Merciless and her Uhk horde need your help.  The invasion has begun and the battle lines have been drawn. As you know Nina Kimberly the Merciless has demanded the surrender of Podioracket.com as she continues her quest to take over the Internet. We will not give in . . . Never Surrender!


Seeking Our Champion

As you can see, the number of resisters is few and our numbers shrinking. Who will champion Podioracket.com? In our quest to remain free from the oppression of the barbarian horde? We are seeking among the Podiobooks.com characters for the best and bravest to stand against Nina Kimberly and, perhaps, risk their lives to save us all. 

Already Among the Suggested Contenders Are:

Honorable mention- Perry Dawsey from Scott Sigler’s Contagious and Infected.  Sadly, Sigler has declared his allegiance with Nina.  Could Perry be turned against us?

Is your favorite hero listed? We will be having a special Podioracket.com episode for the exciting confrontation. Share your thoughts NOW!

Those Who have Joined Nina:

Tis disheartening, to announce the following have sided with Nina Kimberley. Who would have dared to thought The Dark Overlord, himself, would ally himself with the adolescent Kimberley?  Then again, should we really be surprised at the side he picked?

Declared Resisters:

We do not stand alone. Among our allies in the resistance are:


Declare your allegiance NOW!

Who will be our champion?

Music for this podcast was provided by Kevin MacLoed of http://www.incompetech.com/  Stoneworld Battle 1.