Synthetic MarmaladeMike Luoma, author of the Vatican Assassin Trilogy, has begun releasing his newest offering.  Synthetic Marmalade is a collection of “Poems, Song Lyrics and Magic Spells written by Mike Luoma over the past 20 years”

Want to know a little about Mike?

“Mike Luoma writes novels, comic books, songs and poems while he’s not on the air as a radio host in northern Vermont. The final book – Vatican Abdicator – of his “Vatican Assassin” science fiction trilogy was recently released (they are available on Podiobooks). The fourth issue of his comic book series “Panthea Obscura” is coming out this month. And Synthetic Marmalade finally sees release as an audiobook this month as well.”


Want to know even more about Mike?

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Special Episode Announcement

And while you wait for our usual fun, quick-hit podcast, we’re going to give you an early release of our very first special.  In an interview with Chris Miller, co-founder of and web guru, learn about in-the-works and wish-list items for Podiobooks 2.o.  Things are looking to change in new and exciting ways: more offerings, more information, better search functions, and new interactions between author and listener.  Can it get any better?  Listen and learn!  The special bonus interview goes up this week!