Rhonda and I debuted on Podiobooks.com within two weeks of each other, and recently completed the serialized audio podcast of our novels.  Our enthusiasm for writing and podcasting hasn’t dimmed, and has been joined by a profound respect for authors like ourselves who work so hard to get out word about their books. So we decided it was time to make some noise for new authors, debuting books, and follow up as novels were completed to acknowledge what a great accomplishment it is.

We’re excited to be starting on this project to spread the word about Podiobooks.com authors. Interviews will begin in another week or two, so watch our RSS feed.

This will be the home of many wonderful blogs about podcasting, audio books, and upcoming events for PodioRacket.com. After all, you really should know about what you’re sticking in your ears!

Heather Roulo
Rhonda Carpenter